All Kinds Of Macbook Support in Dubai

Price: Starting from 200 AED

Diagnosis Time: 60 Minutes

Repair Time: 1 Day

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Saturday-Thursday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Macbook Repair Price List:

Type of Service Price Time
Macbook Screen A1278 750 1 Day
Macbook Screen A1286 850 1 Day
Macbook Screen A1297 900 1 Day
Macbook Screen A1398 1650 1 Day 
Macbook Screen A1425 1500 1 Day 
Macbook Screen A1502 1600 1 Day 
Macbook Screen A1465/A1370 650 1 Day
Macbook Screen A1466 Screen 1350 2 Day
Macbook Screen A1466 Full Panel 1650 1 Day 
Macbook Screen A1369 Screen 1350 2 Day
Macbook Screen A1369 Full Panel 1650 1 Day 
Macbook Keyboard Replacement 450 1 Day
Replacing of Macbook Battery 400 1 Day
Re balling the video chip 350 1-3 Days
Replacing the Power IC 650 1-3 Days
Cleaning from moisture 300 1 Day
Repair of the motherboard 650 1-3 Days
Replacing the HDD(dep. vol) 400 1-2 Days
Replacing the SSD (dep. vol) 1200 1-2 Days
Replacing the trackpad 350 1-2 Days
Software installation 200 1 Day
Software with backup 300 1-2 Days

You can avail Free Pickup and Delivery or Visit Our Service Centre with the above Price List.
*Price my different with different models, please talk to our agent before place an order.

** we use only premium quality parts
** Diagnosis need to complete to give you the final price

 Since Macbook laptops are high-end devices, most owners are obviously uncomfortable with trusting just any repair shop with their need for Macbook support in Dubai.

If you are looking for a place that can provide authentic Macbook upgrade in Dubai, look no further. We will come to you to get the device, giving you an estimate of the cost, and the software update your device needs in the same day.

Our repair includes:

  • Free pick up of the device
  • Free delivery to your house
  • 1 year warranty (does not cover physical damage)
Upgrade Macbook in Dubai

Our Services

Macbook Software Support
Macbook Screen Replacement
Macbook Battery Replacement
Macbook Keуboard Replacement
Macbook Diagnostics
Macbook Cleaning
Water Damaged Macbook Clenaing
Macbook Screen Replacement
Macbook Batterу Replacement
Macbook Video Chip Replace
Macbook Cooling sуstem Repair
Macbook Thermal Paste replacement
Macbook Hard Drive Replacement
Macbook SSD Replacement
Macbook Motherboard Repair
Macbook Trackpad Repair and Replacement
Macbook RAM Replacement
Macbook Charging Connector Repair
Macbook Speaker Repair
Installing Mac OS
Upgrade уour Macbook
Macbook Fan Repair
Macbook USB Port Repair
Macbook Backlight Replacement

Select a Macbook model

Macbook Pro A1278
Macbook Pro A1286
Macbook Pro A1297
Macbook Pro A1398
Macbook Pro A1425
Macbook Pro A1502
Macbook Air A1465/A1370
Macbook Air A1466
Macbook Air A1369
Macbook Air
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